Sharpen Sales Achievement

Do you want to:

  1. Sharpen up your Sales and Service Management!
  2. Gain fresh ideas for Sales success!
  3. Make strides towards Service excellence!

Based on the proven a Psychological Model, discovered under military stresses, this event uncovers instinctive behaviours that prevent sales excellence and shows how to overcome them. The team building event, The Psychology of Military Instincts, especially designed for senior leaders, applies these striking military concepts to business.

Senior Leader Team Building

This is for a hungry business! You want a strong bottom line, so you need a high performing senior team. Your senior managers are specialists within their fields, so, to get the best from them, they must pull together for sales and service excellence. When they cover each other’s back, really follow through and reciprocate, then they will achieve outstanding things. This is Social Capital in action. Check out our military-based team building event, designed especially for executives called The Psychology of Military Instincts which discovers how instinctive reactions to pressure need managing for excellence!

Social Capital Leadership

Social Capital is a value to businesses, just as is venture capital or the issuing of shares. Business leaders who know how to invest and get returns from Social Capital will have a strong value proposition to attract and retain talent. 49 Seconds runs round tables for key culture leaders into the strategic use of Social Capital.

About us

At 49 Seconds, a team building business, we know the value of Social Capital for businesses. That is why we offer interactive military-based team building events, designed especially to bring military thinking into business. These events will illustrate how a focus on Social Capital can make a difference to your business within 6 months, with your team being more engaged, happier and succeeding by executing more with each other.

Choose the right product for your need:


  • Facilitation 100%
  • Design 100%
  • Business Fit 85%
  • Entertaiment 80%


Ian Pfeffer

Ian Pfeffer

Director, Chief Wizard

Ian had a 15 year Navy career as a Naval Officer and 25 years in leading all aspects of training. He has trained hundreds of facilitators. He has run a number of businesses including 49 Seconds, an art gallery and construction trade services.


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