About 49 Seconds

Forty9seconds P/L is a company that runs team building and bonding events to build Social Capital in businesses.

The name infers that, for the military, the time between the decision to fire and the consequences is often quite short.

The literal meaning is that it is the time between detection by the ship’s radar and the explosive impact of an Exocet missile. The crew must defeat the missile in less than 49 seconds!

Military thinking is therefore different to much thinking inbusiness, but there is surprising application in businesses.

What is Social Capital?

It is the value from social networks built by employees throughout the business, and your industry. Value comes from staff being able to call upon network members for resources. Networks of trusted people result from repeated social interactions.


Charitable Support

49 Seconds supports:

  • the Cancer Council Research Fund; and
  • Saildrone, whose autonomous sailing boats are fitted with many sensors to check the state of the Earth by measuring the oceans, analysing fish stacks and environmental impacts.

Check out saildrone.com

War Disclaimer:

49 Seconds Military-themed Team Building events do no glorify war. Rather, from a pacifist viewpoint, they reveal some of the deep realities and impacts, so that war might be prevented, by promoting understanding and by equipping citizens with arguments to pressure politicians that diplomacy must be primary and that war MUST be the last resort, thereby promoting the safety of our children and their children.