Build Social Capital Amongst Your Senior Leadership Team with advanced military thinking!

Central Theme. The central theme is the psychology of instinctive reactions in war. These instinctive reactions, when controlled and applied, will vastly impact sales achievement and sales management.

Special topics. This Psychology of Military Instincts experience continues with a set of thought exercises, in which you will select amongst 6 military topics that are all stimulating, sometimes secretive, but always striking and exciting. These topics illustrate and extend the psychology, and help provide cutting-edge ideas for your business.

Topics cover concepts such as:

  • Special Ops sniper secrets,
  • how soldiers get quick digital coverage in foreign deserts and for what,
  • why over-the-horizon weapons are so effective,
  • the importance of leadership when under pressure; lessons from Afghanistan, Gettysburg and Churchill; and
  • the US Army spent 50,000 rounds per enemy killed in Vietnam; why such inaccuracy?

It provides an opportunity to bond your senior team in an event that is enjoyable, but not frivolous, building Social Capital by each of you seeing each other with exciting information very different to your normal work. Together you will considering advanced military thinking, normally off-limits. This event will illustrate how a focus on Social Capital can make a difference to your business within 6 months.

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