Strikeforce – Disputed Island

Imagine escalating political tensions between two countries over disputed territory for a reef!

Imagine you employees working as a finely tuned Navy team pulling together to defend their ship. And in doing so, they are increasing their Social Capital!

During this 3½ hour action-packed session, we start with a looming naval crisis where success or failure depends on the performance of the team.  And regardless of the outcome, there are valuable lessons to be learned along the way – lessons that you will be able to relate directly to your business challenges.

This event is designed for all employees up to middle management. You’ll be in a naval environment where there is an imminent threat of missile attack during a growing political crisis.  You will track with radar, use electronic warfare to jam your adversaries, fire naval guns, defend against a missile and then launch your own in retaliation.

No navy experience is required – over the course of the event we’ll develop information about external threats, sensors and defences, so we can defeat an anti-ship, sea skimming missile attack from the enemy.  You’ll use interactive simulators as we role-play the wargame.

Event Size

Our Strikeforce Senior executive team event can be run with a minimum of 10 and up to a maximum of 24 participants.